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The MIM 2016 program.  Spread over six nights, two days, five venues and thirteen seperate sessions it is by far our biggest line-up ever. Thank you to all the filmmakers who entered, congratulations to all the finalists, condolences to those who missed out. It was record breaking year for entries and finalising the program this year was incredibly difficult.  But we're proud of the final result and we know there is something for everyone - films brimming with action, drama, psychological games, heart-warming characters, and even an Australian legend.



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Feature Spotlights


The Legend of Ben Hall to Open MIM 2016

For the first time we're opening MIM with a feature film at 7:45pm, Tuesday December 6th at ACMI. And it's none other than The Legend of Ben Hall by Matthew Holmes, the much hyped and anticipated historical action drama about one of Australia's most notorious bushrangers.


Matthew along with key cast and crew will be present at the screening for a Q&A so mark it down in your diaries - this is a cinema event not to be missed.


After two years running from the law, bushranger Ben Hall has gone into hiding.  He is soon drawn back into bush-ranging by the reappearance of his old friend, John Gilbert. Reforming the gang and taking on a new recruit John Dunn, the trio begin a spree of robberies and crimes across New South Wales. After the killing of two policemen, the three become the most wanted men in colony.


When the Government moves to declare them outlaws that can be shot on sight, Ben Hall makes desperate plans to flee the colony. But with a such a large bounty on their heads, treachery abounds where the gang least expect it.









We are happy to announce that our second feature finalist is pyschological thriller Innuendo by Saara Lamberg.  Saara is a Finnish writer, director and actor who has called Melbourne home for a number of years and her debut feature has been compared with the works of David Lynch, Michael Scorsese and Roman Polanski.


The Finnish Tuuli grew up in an oppressively religious and abusive family and in the shadow of her angelic twin sister. She embarks on a journey to the other side of the world, Australia, to find her true identity. Curious of nudity and sexuality, she becomes a nude model for art classes. She seems to use people to her own advantage and the good boy Thomas (Andy Hazel) gets left behind when she meets the rough but charismatic chainsaw sculptor Ben (Brendan Bacon). Her innocent surface starts revealing sordid cracks and the good intentions of the people she meets become a graveyard for her twisted delusions of grandiose.


Check out the trailer below.  Warning NSFW - contains nudity, adult themes and course language.






 Crime & Punishment


We are pleased to announce that our third feature film is Crime & Punishment directed by Andrew O'Keefe. Based on the classic 1866 novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime & Punishment is a beautifully atmospheric psychological thriller, a cat and mouse battle of wills between a murderer and a detective, underpinned by nuanced performances from leads Lee Mason and Christopher Bunworth.


When a desperate and delusional PHD student commits a crime in the name of a theory he finds that his soul can only be saved through the love of a religious prostitute. But will he confess in time or will the cunning police investigator ruin his chance of salvation?


A multiple award winner at festivals around the world, MIM are very excited to present Crime & Punishment at the The Backlot Studios.  A nice teaser below too.











This time we went for something a little lighthearted - we are happy to announce we will be screening Lazybones, co-written and co- produced by Caitlin Farrugia and Michael Jones and directed by Michael Jones. Starring Jackson Tozer and Fabiana Weiner.


Lazybones is a character driven film about relationships and self reflection, anchored by subtle performances from a talented cast with Jackson and Fabiana sharing great chemisty on screen, making the fillm so easy and beautiful to watch.


"Ben, a wannabe stand up comedian, doesn’t live for the weekend like the O’Jays hit song, in fact he finds that philosophy kinda depressing. In the heart of Melbourne, he spends his days on stage, driving an UBER and hanging out with his friends. As he floats through life he wonders - is there more to this?


Lazybones watches lay-about young people who can't seem to cement their futures. Through naturalistic techniques, the audience experiences relatable human moments into the character's lives filled with humour and warmth."


Lazybones screens at The Backlot Studios on Saturday Dec 10th, Session 2 / 6pm- 8pm.


Trailer below:







The Trivialist


MIM are pleased to announce that the fifth and final feature film is a documentary called The Trivialist, directed by Ronen Becker.


"By age 32, Neven Solian was a university drop-out – a taxi driver and social misfit living with his parents; a prodigious intellect with absolutely nothing to show for it.

He couldn’t make friends, he couldn’t meet girls, and he couldn’t win his father’s approval. Trivia, though, came naturally to him.


Neven’s brain was a marvel, a limitless repository of names, dates and figures. His remarkable gift offered him a path to fortune and fame – or at least notoriety.


But while he hoped that his gift would bring him the sort of validation that he craved, the obsessive streak that made him a quiz champion drove him even further into isolation. As the applause died away, Neven fell into increasingly bizarre patterns of behaviour; into despair; and to the point of suicide."


Currently winning awards at festivals around the world, MIM are very excited to present The Trivialist at The Backlot Studios on Sunday Dec 11th, 4.30pm.


Trailer below:









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