Difference Between Formal Education and Non-formal Education

Education is the process of enabling people to learn, acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, beliefs, and customs. Educational systems include formal teaching, training, direct teaching, collaborative study, and applied research. Education helps people to grow and develop in their environment. It is an essential element of society and teaches people to become socially responsible individuals. […]

Education For Better Living and Higher Employment

Education is a system of acquiring knowledge, teaching, skills, behaviors, values, and personal attitudes that can help people develop into responsible and prosperous citizens. Education includes formal schooling; school, community, and personal activities, such as training in sports and other social activities. The process promotes socialization that begins in the home through communication with parents […]

The Right of Education

Right to education is one of the most debated and sensitive topics in India today. Right to education includes both personal rights and communal freedoms, which include: Right to access and free primary and secondary education. Right to obtain secondary education, made available at all times reasonably. Option to partake in social and recreational exercises. […]

Public Health and Determinants of Good Health

Health is a condition of emotional, physical, and mental well-being where infirmity and illness are absent. It involves being alert to your body’s physiological functions, identifying and regulating any body changes that may be a result of physiological processes, and ensuring that you get the proper amount of sleep, rest, and eat to maintain optimal […]

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