How Much Do Coloured UPVC Windows Cost More Than White?

Coloured double glazed windows upvc are not the same as white windows. The reason is that they require extra effort to make. Popular colours and wood finishes can also cost more. Also, bigger windows will be more expensive. It is better to purchase windows in square shapes as they are simpler to make. However, unusual shapes such as triangular shapes require more work from manufacturers. Similarly, simple rounded tops can increase the cost of uPVC windows.

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Coloured uPVC windows are made with different methods, which may be a little more expensive than white windows. One method involves applying a coloured layer onto the profile of the window before or after it has been manufactured. The result is a more durable, permanent colour. Coloured uPVC windows can be up to fifteen percent more expensive than white uPVC products.


When choosing coloured uPVC windows, there are some things that should be considered. These factors will have a direct impact on how much coloured uPVC windows will cost. For example, adding a coloured finish to a window will increase the price by at least 15-20%. Another factor is the type of colour that you want.


Grey uPVC windows tend to be more expensive than double glazed windows upvc. However, they offer the same quality standards as white framed windows. Grey uPVC windows are available in many different colours. Choosing the right colour for your home is important because it can have a big effect on your mood.

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Coloured uPVC windows are an excellent way to add a unique touch to your home. Available in a range of colours, including oak, woodgrain, sandstone and even natural timber, uPVC windows can be customised to fit your particular needs. They can also be designed to match your existing interior design, including the shape of your house and its architecture. Choosing the right material can make all the difference in the overall appearance of your home.


Coloured uPVC windows are increasingly popular, and are available in a variety of colours. Although white is the most popular option, grey, brown, and black are also available. The prices of these windows differ depending on the colour you choose.


If you want coloured uPVC windows for your home, you can expect to pay more than you would if you wanted to install white ones. You can choose from a range of RAL colours, with each level increasing in price. Some windows are more expensive than others, as coloured windows require more work from the manufacturer.

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