How to Open a Locked Door Without Keys

If you don’t have the keys to your house, you may need to figure out how to open a locked door. If you can’t find your keys, you can always try a few of the techniques listed below. You can use a screwdriver to open a locked door. Insert the screwdriver into the tiny gap between the door and the frame of the door. Turn the screwdriver clockwise and anti-clockwise until you hear a click. Then, repeat the process otherwise visit Local Brampton locksmith for the best solutions.

Coat hangers

A coat hanger is a handy tool for opening a locked door without a key. It can be bent to reach the slider on the lock. However, you have to be careful to prevent damage to the weatherproofing of the door. Using gloves and pliers can make this process even easier. A coat hanger’s small “V” shape is just the right shape to fit through a small door gap.

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The next step in this process involves folding a long coat hanger and threading it between the door jamb and door. Make sure to hook one end on the latch bolt. Apply gentle pressure to the latch bolt. If it does not release easily, you may need to bend it twice. If this is not enough, try using pliers or wire cutters. This will help you bend the wire to the proper shape.

Another trick to unlock a locked door is to use a modified wire coat hanger. This works best for manual locks. To use this method, you must first insert the coat hanger between the door and the car. Afterwards, use your hands to pull the hanger up on the control arm inside the door. In a pinch, it can also open a garage door. However, you should be aware of the fact that this method is only effective for older vehicles with manual locks.

If you’ve tried everything you can think of, and still can’t open a door, try medieval methods. While this method may work for some, it can be harmful for the lock’s mechanism. Moreover, it may damage your car. This method can also be embarrassing and may even result in injuries. Hopefully, these methods will save you from an embarrassing situation. So, do not give up. You can use coat hangers to open a locked door without a key.

Using a credit card

Using a credit card to open slammed doors is not as easy as it looks in movies. You will have to do a lot of bending and wiggling to get the card to fit into the lock slot. It is also best to avoid using a credit card if possible, as they tend to be too thick and stiff to slide easily into the lock slot. Another option is to cut a strip of plastic soda bottle and slide it under the door bolt.

Once you have the card in place, use the edge of the card between the strike plate and the door. Gently push or pull the card while applying pressure to the door. Once you have the door open, it is time to call a locksmith. Remember that most burglaries occur during the day through an unlocked front door. It is best to call a locksmith immediately if you’re in doubt.

To make a credit card pickable, the door must have a slanted latch and hinges that are opposite to you. Otherwise, you can’t pick a lock with a credit card if it has hinges on your side. If you aren’t comfortable using a credit card, use a card that you don’t mind damaging. A thick plastic card will work best, as it will fit through a door crack and push the metal latch in the lock.

To use a credit card to open a locked car without keys, insert it into the gap between the doorframe and the jamb. Make sure that the card’s angled side is facing the latch bolt. This will push the bolt into the strike plate, allowing you to push the door open. When you’re done, you can then remove the credit card from the car and drive away.

Using a credit card to unlock a locked door without keys is an easy and effective technique to use when you don’t have a key. You just need to put some mild pressure on the knob or angled edge of the latch bolt, and it will pop open the door. However, if you’re unable to get a credit card into a lock, you can always try a knife or a bobby pin to get in.


You can drill a hole into a door lock to unlock it without keys. The key is to drill through the lock’s shear line, where the driver and key pins are separated. Once you’ve successfully opened the lock, you can use the rotating plug to unlock the door without keys. The reason for not drilling through the lock yourself is because many high-security locks have anti-drill technology. If you have a locksmith handy, they will have the proper training and insight to open these locks.

To drill through the lock cylinder, use an eighth-inch drill bit. The drill bit should be thin, as it will be able to move through the lock’s center with ease. Make sure to use the right bit, and drill straight through the lock to prevent damage. If this doesn’t work, you can always drill through the outdoor side and use a screwdriver to turn the lock.

Drilling to open a locked door with a screwdriver can also help you open a jammed door. First, you need to drill over the keyhole with the right drill bit. Remember to lubricate the drill bits before starting the drilling process. Once you have drilled the lock, insert the screwdriver into the newly drilled hole to open the internal cylinder of the lock. This process may damage the lock, but it will not harm the door.

If the drill bit is too small, you can use a hammer to strike the pinhead. Once you’ve hit the head with enough force, the screwdriver will act as a lever. Push the screwdriver downward until you hear a click. While drilling to open a locked door without keys may not be very effective, it is an effective method of unlocking a door. If you’re worried that you might damage the door, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

While drilling a door without keys may be the best option, not all doors can be opened with this method. If it doesn’t work, you may need to try another method. If all else fails, call a locksmith. Other ways of unlocking a door without keys include knives, paperclips, screwdrivers, and cards. Drilling is a last resort and should only be used if you’ve exhausted all other methods first.

Using a bump key

If you need to open a door without keys, you may want to try using a bump key. Bump keys are simple tools that can unlock most locks. You can use these to bump down the pins in a lock by using a tool such as a toothpick or allen wrench. This method will open a door without a key, and is a useful emergency technique.

While bump keys are not technically a lockpicking tool, you can use them to open doors with low-tumbler locks. The bump keys have low teeth, so they can fit into locks with tumblers that are low. The bump keys are steep and jagged so that when you apply torque, they bounce up the tumblers until they stop. Bump keys are very easy to make, and you can obtain a bump key set if you know the manufacturer of your lock.

A bump key is an ordinary spare house key that works by violently bumping the pins and causing them to jump into the correct position. To use a bump key, you must have a bump hammer or a blunt object handy. First, insert the bump key into the lock, then pull it out slightly. Then, you need to strike it with a blunt object, to apply a bit of torque to the bump key.

Despite the fact that this technique is relatively easy to use, it is not a foolproof method. If you use a bump key to open a locked door without keys, you may end up damaging the lock mechanism and having problems unlocking it with your original key. So, make sure to choose a lock with bump-resistant keys to ensure your safety. You’ll be glad you did.

While the technique is not very difficult, it does take practice and a lot of confidence. However, it is not impossible for an intruder to learn the technique. In fact, a child can even master it with the help of a locksmith. A bump key can also be used in cases of emergency situations, when you’re not able to get a hold of your keys.

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