The Top Myths About Windscreens and Windscreen Repair

There are a few common myths about windscreens and windscreen repairs, and this article will address some of them. These myths include the cost, safety, and cost of repair. True Blue Auto Glass can help you understand the basics of windscreen repair and replace. Also, read about the top myths about windscreen repairs newcastle. After reading this article, you should feel confident in having your windscreen repaired.

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A few of the most common myths about windscreens and their repair are as follows:

Common myths

There are many myths surrounding windscreens, including the fact that the glass is invulnerable. While modern windscreens are made of laminated glass (also known as safety glass), they are still susceptible to breakage, namely due to flying debris, vandalism, and sudden changes in temperature. But despite these myths, glass is still five times stronger than steel. Even if shattered, laminated glass will still hold together.

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Cost of repair

How much does it cost to repair a windscreen? There are two ways to determine this cost. You can opt for repair, which is cheaper than replacement, or you can choose to have the windscreen replaced. Windscreen replacement is typically more expensive than repair. The reason for this is that a chip or crack larger than a PS2 coin will require replacement. Other factors that determine the cost include the age of the car, its customisation, and the type of glass it contains. Insurance also plays a big role in windscreen replacement costs, with some policies charging an excess.


Windshields have been specially designed to increase vehicle safety. They contain two layers of glass laminated together. The laminate holds broken glass together, while the inside layer protects the vehicle from falling out. If one or both of these layers breaks, a driver must pull the vehicle to a safe location, such as an overpass or gas station. This is not only an issue for safety, but it is also a risk to your traction.

DIY kits

There are several types of DIY kits for windscreen repair. Many of them come with everything you need to apply the repair. These kits usually come with the materials you need to complete the job, including a resin, o-rings, pit polish, inspection mirror, suction cup lube, glass cleaner, and a training DVD. Some of these kits even come with patented equipment such as the Glass Bridge and a precision stainless steel injector.

Laminated glass

Nowadays, modern windshields are installed with special adhesives that form a molecular bond with the vehicle’s frame. These adhesives are extremely strong, and are resistant to various types of pressure and weather. Additionally, automotive-grade urethane is used in the installation process because of its flexibility. This material bonds to both smooth and textured surfaces. This promotes adhesion between the glass and the body shape.

Insurance premiums

Windscreens were not always part of a car’s standard equipment, and they were often sold separately from other components. During the early days of cars, most drivers wore goggles to keep flying debris from scratching their eyes. Moreover, early cars did not have side or roof windows. Therefore, windshields were a luxury. With today’s modern cars, windshields are a necessary part of a car’s safety system.

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